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Upcoming Events

  • 1st Wed of each month at 7 pm PST
    DF Allmendinger Center, WSU Extension
    1st Wed of each month at 7 pm PST
    DF Allmendinger Center, WSU Extension, Puyallup, WA 98371, USA
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  • Helen Meeker has a huge heart for our Veterans and has asked us to help make quilts for those who have served and are serving in the military. We have focused on those who have received the highest metals and honors of our nation, served during war times, the anonymous retirees of the Old Soldier's Home and those we hold dear to our hearts. Most of these quilts are given to a chosen Veteran while some are meant for comfort as they are being passed between our military service men and women far from home while serving during wartime. If you would like to help with this outreach, please contact....



When times are good, we meet in person at the Mountain View Community Center in Edgewood. There's always something to do to help our community through the Community Center. Drop off food for their food bank (or send them money), make Christmas gifts for foster kids, or make masks for back-to-school. If you would like to share your talents, please contact...

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Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Many of our members double the cost of their dues in order to grant scholarships to our friends who can't afford to join. If you need a scholarship, just contact our Membership Chair. And if you'd like to donate to any of the other worthy causes here, by all means smash the button below.

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Puyallup is home to the Washington State Fair, the 6th largest state fair in the US. Every year we spend time in the Home Arts building, tying quilts and talking to fairgoers about our craft. We donate quilts to various non-profits in the Puyallup Valley including Step by Step, Helping Hand House, and Franciscan Hospice. Members can pick up kits at various drop-off locations and times.  Check the schedule by clicking below.

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